ABOUT ME Hello, I'm Gina

Gina Relationship Therapists

I have over a decade of counselling experience and my private practice is in Bristol. I can meet you in person, but I also can carry out sessions online.


My History

I am fascinated by people and by the human condition. My early training was as a mathematician and then in statistics and economics. My work career began in business and international trade.

In 2007, after my second marriage broke down, I decided to change direction, and took a degree in psychology. This led to a placement as a bereavement counselling volunteer with CRUSE Bristol in 2011, and then I met my first client in a counselling room in 2012.

During the last 10 years, I have noticed the one thing that unites the people that I have worked with and have listened to - we all want to be loved, we all have love to give.

If you choose to meet me, we will focus on your relationship. I believe that love is not enough on its own, for a relationship to work. I will accompany you on a journey of self-discovery, amazement and acceptance of life in all its diversity. You will be able to build skills to achieve the joy and connection human beings long for.

I offer you a safe space to explore difficult issues, to be listened to and to be heard, to become aware of thought and behaviour patterns that prevent you from being your healthiest self.

Gina Simeon

Address: 16 Rockleaze Court,
Rockleaze Avenue, Bristol BS9 1NN

Phone: +44 7772 973031
Email: gina@relationshipcounsellingbristol.co.uk

Everything is treated in confidence and I will have not any expectations from you. It's important you find the therapist that suits you.

I'll get back to you to discuss a time and approach to suit you.